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Vanilla Liquid (PG)

Weight: 22 g
SKU: 008
€7,70 including MwSt. 19 % excluding shipping costs (€6,47 excluding VAT)

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...experience the distinctive , sweet taste real vanilla!...

For friends of sweet liquids our Vanilla Liquid with its
unmistakable, sweet taste of honest vanilla is just right.
Whether with a morning coffee or for small moments of
enjoyment – happy liquid Vanilla treats your palate to
the tasty aroma only otherwise found in sweet desserts
and baked goods.

The vanilla pod is a seasoning for which the pods are
gathered from different varieties of the vanilla orchid. Its
name is taken from the Spanish word ‘vainilla’ and
means ‘small case or pod’. Fresh vanilla in its pod form is
also known as the ‘king of flavouring’.


happy people GmbH in Germany


Glycerol, propylene glycol, pyrogen-free water, flavouring (for liquid containing menthol − menthol), 18 mg nicotine/ml (1.8% nicotine content), 12 mg nicotine/ml (1.2% nicotine content), 6 mg/ml nicotine content (0.6% nicotine content), 0 mg nicotine/ml (no nicotine content)

Price per 100ml:

77,00 € inkl 19% VAT.

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1-4 Days

Please also note our manufacturer information and safety notice .

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