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RY4 Liquid (VG)

Weight: 22 g
SKU: 168
€7,70 including MwSt. 19 % excluding shipping costs (€6,47 excluding VAT)

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...One of the first tobacco Liquids ever . A popular classic...

It’s been a while. Our first attempt to create a Tobacco
resulted in this tasty liquid. Try some vaping
history and enjoy this popular classic in your e-cigarette.
An intense and authentic tobacco aroma surrounded
with light traces of caramel and vanilla make this liquid
into a must-have for those who like something sweet in
their tobacco flavours.

Often copied but never equalled – the classic RY4 is
known for its smoky taste with the sweet combination of
delicious caramel and vanilla aromas. This liquid is
perfect for those who are new to tobacco and want to
try it first in combination with a known taste.


happy people GmbH in Germany


Glycerol, propylene glycol, pyrogen-free water, flavouring (for liquid containing menthol − menthol), 18 mg nicotine/ml (1.8% nicotine content), 12 mg nicotine/ml (1.2% nicotine content), 6 mg/ml nicotine content (0.6% nicotine content), 0 mg nicotine/ml (no nicotine content)

Price per 100ml:

77,00 € inkl 19% VAT.

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1-4 Days

Please also note our manufacturer information and safety notice .

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