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Passion Fruit Liquid (PG)

Weight: 22 g
SKU: 068
€7,70 including MwSt. 19 % excluding shipping costs (€6,47 excluding VAT)

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..Tastes refreshingly fruity, offering an exotic interplay between sweet and sour...

The refreshing, sweet and sour aroma of this exotic
citrus fruit will take you on a tour of the sunny beaches
of South America. The sound of the waves in the
distance and hot sand under your feet is exactly what
the taste of this tropic fruit brings to mind. Bring summer
to your e-cigarette with our passion fruit liquid!

The passion fruit is the fruit of a climbing plant that
grows in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, the tendrils of
which can grow up to 10 metres long. The fruits of
‘passiflora edulis’ are the most common passion fruit in
Europe and are eaten both raw and in juices, ice cream
and desserts.


happy people GmbH in Germany


Glycerol, propylene glycol, pyrogen-free water, flavouring (for liquid containing menthol − menthol), 18 mg nicotine/ml (1.8% nicotine content), 12 mg nicotine/ml (1.2% nicotine content), 6 mg/ml nicotine content (0.6% nicotine content), 0 mg nicotine/ml (no nicotine content)

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77,00 € inkl 19% VAT.

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