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Bubble Gum Liquid (VG)

Weight: 22 g
SKU: 167
€7,70 including MwSt. 19 % excluding shipping costs (€6,47 excluding VAT)

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...brings back memories of childhood , sweet and fruity...

Whether just for the taste or to improve concentration –
bubble gum is an everyday item these days. Try our
Bubble Gum Liquid to awaken childhood memories and
enjoy the unique, sweet and fruity flavour of brightly
coloured bubble gum, straight from the gum machine, in
your e-cigarette. The only thing you can’t do yet with our
Bubble Gum Liquid is blow bubbles ;-).


happy people GmbH in Germany


Glycerol, propylene glycol, pyrogen-free water, flavouring (for liquid containing menthol − menthol), 18 mg nicotine/ml (1.8% nicotine content), 12 mg nicotine/ml (1.2% nicotine content), 6 mg/ml nicotine content (0.6% nicotine content), 0 mg nicotine/ml (no nicotine content)

Price per 100ml:

77,00 € inkl 19% VAT.

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1-4 Days

Please also note our manufacturer information and safety notice .

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